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Getting Started

To take part in this program, you will need to become an Idaho Nature Probe member. Membership is free, providing you with your own password that allows you to access your data and compare it with similar experiments throughout Idaho.


Method Modules

Choose from the following Method Modules.

Exploring the effect of black-billed magpie presence at bird feeders

Exploring the effect of feeder placement in attracting birds to a feeder

Exploring the effect of food choice at bird feeders

Other modules are in development



Idaho Nature Probe is a free, web-based, interactive project designed to engage students and citizen scientists in authentic scientific processes.  Nature Probe encourages pupils to measure aspects of their local environment and report their results over the Internet. Data from schools throughout Idaho are then available for comparison.

Nature Probe incorporates the scientific method through the use of Method Modules.  Participants are guided through the scientific process as they:

  1. Observe and gather background information

  2. Form a question

  3. Make an hypothesis

  4. Plan an experiment to test the hypothesis

  5. Collect data

  6. Analyze data

  7. Compare results with other student- and citizen-scientists

Idaho Nature Probe is administered through a partnership between the Gonzales-Stoller Surveillance's Environmental Surveillance Education and Research Program (ESER), Idaho Fish and Game, Wildlife Conservation Society, and Idaho NatureMapping

Idaho Science Content Standards:

  • K.S.1.2.1, K.S.1.6.1

  • 1.S.1.2.1, 1.S.1.6.1

  • 2.S.1.2.1, 2.S.1.6.1, 2.S.1.6.2, 2.S.1.6.3, 2.S.1.6.4

  • 3.S.1.2.1, 3.S.1.6.1, 3.S.1.6.2, 3.S.1.6.3, 3.S.1.6.4, 3.S.1.6.5, 3.S.1.6.6, 3.S.1.6.7

  • 4.S.1.2.1, 4.S.1.2.2, 4.S.1.6.1, 4.S.1.6.2, 4.S.1.6.3, 4.S.1.6.4, 4.S.1.6.5, 4.S.1.6.6, 4.S.1.6.7

  • 5.S.1.2.1, 5.S.1.2.2, 5.S.1.6.1, 5.S.1.6.2, 5.S.1.6.3, 5.S.1.6.4, 5.S.1.6.5, 5.S.1.6.6, 5.S.1.6.7

  • 6.S.1.2.1, 6.S.1.2.2, 6.S.1.6.1, 6.S.1.6.2, 6.S.1.6.3, 6.S.1.6.4, 6.S.1.6.5, 6.S.1.6.6

  • 7.S.1.2.1, 7.S.1.2.2,  7.S.1.6.1, 7.S.1.6.2, 7.S.1.6.3, 7.S.1.6.4, 7.S.1.6.5, 7.S.1.6.6

  • 9-10.B.1.2.1, 9-10.B.1.2.3, 9-10.B.1.6.1, 9-10.B.1.6.2, 9-10.B.1.6.3, 9-10.B.1.6.4, 9-10.B.1.6.5, 9-10.B.1.6.6, 9-10.B.1.6.7

ESER Program | Idaho Fish and Game | Wildlife Conservation Society | Idaho NatureMapping

If you have questions or comments, please contact:
Alana Jensen
ESER Environmental Educator
120 Technology Drive
Idaho Falls, ID   83401