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To take part in this program, you will need to become an Idaho Nature Probe member. Membership is free, providing you with your own password that allows you to access your data, compare it with similar experiments throughout Idaho, and allows us to keep track of repeat records from the same location.



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Bird feeder location experiment.

The following information will provide you with the steps for setting up your bird feeder location experiment.

  1. Observe and gather background material

    1. Bird feeder background

  2. Think of a question
    When scientists see something they don't understand, they ask questions.  Why?, What if? What is causing this to happen? 

    As you read about placing a bird feeder, you may have visualized good location for a feeder at your school or in your yard.  Did you also think of a place that might not be a good location for a bird feeder?  Have you observed feeders in places that seem to attract large numbers of birds? 

    Did these observations make you wonder:

    1. If human presence will have an effect on the number of birds at a feeder?  (Go to Step 3)

    2. If placing a feeder close to cover, as opposed to out in the open, will have an effect on the number of birds at a feeder?  (Go to Step 3).

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